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Full Moon Sessions

2023 was a year of freedom and creativity with recording sessions happening at the full moon throughout the year. 25 musicians participated and compilations are being created. Enjoy

John Harrington Full Moon Sessions- 

H4 Expanded 

Lunar Cycle

2023 was a rebirth of musical expression in my career.  After the death of one of my many fathers, I came across a Lunar calendar in Loveland, Co. that was created in Long Beach, California.  It struck me in a profound way and started a cascade of memories past, present, and became a catalyst for the future.  Later that afternoon, I stumbled into a record store and found Freddie Hubbard- Liquid Love- with my man Henry "Skipper" Franklin on bass.  I bought it and as I walked out of the store I remembered Our Love's Divine was recorded at the Full Moon in 2000.  I started telling the story of that moment and the Full Moon Sessions of 2023 was born- I will be forever grateful for the musicians who brought their talents and creativity to these Full Moon Sessions and dedicate this one to

Bill Schenk- "One of the good guys"

Love's Divine

Musicians from the Full Moon Sessions

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